Pondering Christmas


I think all seasons of life are busy in there own way. The holiday time seems to be busy with so many people and places I love, but I struggle at times to sit and remember the beauty of the nativity. So this afternoon as I sat, I wrote this out. I think writing is how I preach truth to myself, especially when I feel overwhelmed. Hopefully this can be an encouragement to you too!

As the flakes gently fall upon the trees
All that is seen becomes a silhouette of white.
The world is as quiet as can be.
And for a moment all in the world seems right,
But even this blanket of snow cant cover the worries of the night.

No matter how fervently we work,
Problems arise that we can never quite fix.
Underneath well intended plans, unknowns still lurk
Turning hopeful dreams into hurtful tricks.
So much of life is not what we would pick.

Yet we do well to remember as we sit by our well-lit trees,
That on a night long ago, pure hope was finally born.
This gift arrived at the perfect time amidst years of constant pleas
The whispers of old were not words simply worn,
But promises that would never tarnish nor be torn.

The coming of God’s most beloved Son
Showed He is far from indifferent to our pain.
He entered in so His love could never be questioned or undone.
He came so that with us He might always remain
This life of His shows His compassion has no restrain.

Even now, many smiles may be hiding hearts of mourning,
Lives split into shards, fragments full of scars
Yet even though sadness may come without warning,
There is constant assurance as bright as the magi’s star.

On a night in Bethlehem long past
When the voids of despair were vast
The Faithful One sent His only Son at last
So to His promises we could hold fast.

Questions will still be our companion until we see His face
But this story reminds us of the beauty of His grace.
His kind care has ever been intertwined and laced
For His presence has always been the outlining trace
That guides us to Him, our true resting place.

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