Take My Hand


As the sun rises and awakens the clouds
So come the worries and questions of the day,
Putting a foot on the ground is an impossible weight
Yet I hear this whisper say,
Take My hand.

How can that be the answer?
What about all the brokenness I see?
The heartaches that are masked under the mundane ?
Yet what is spoken in the midst of all these pleas?
Take My hand

Yet the fear seems too much to bear.
In all the business we all feel utterly alone;
I wonder how all these pieces fit together,
Still echoing through the hummings of the unknowns
Take My hand.

What if I do my my very best and am still unseen?
What if for kindness I receive rejection?
Or worse, what if fail and am the cause of great pain?
Yet what is still said for every objection,
Take My hand..

When you are scared and blind with fright
Take My hand and I will be your light.
When the pressures of this life seem to much to bear
Take My hand and know you are loved with no need to compare.
When the ones you love strike the deepest blow,
Take My hand and know my love is yours and will never go.
When you fail, and you will in your broken state
Take My hand and know forgiveness with no trace of hate.

In this future world there will always be threads of sadness,
But do not believe there is no meaning in this madness.
I care about each tear in the bleakness of the night.
It’s in your weakness you know the beauty of My might

So more than answers or well understood plans
Please little one just take My hand.
In my presence you will know love evermore
As you wait for the day when all things I will RESTORE

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