A Faithful Friend- In Memory of Doug Comstock

I am greatly indebted to
A man I hardly knew
Doug lived each moment with purpose and care
And dearly loved his wife–they were the sweetest pair.

My father yearned for some kind of direction
And took comfort in Doug’s brotherly affection.
He wondered if this Gospel message could be true
If so, that would change his entire worldview.

Finally, he embraced the promise that took away his sin and strife
For whoever believes in Christ has Eternal Life

Once Doug introduced Dad to the Savior
Everything changed in his daily behavior.
My father could not contain this feeling of joy
He even skipped to his car with the happiness of a little boy

The day God gave my father a new heart,
His life began with a brand new start
And the prayer he prayed time and time again
Was that God would make him a fisher of men

In truth, much of who I am today
Comes from the example my father displays.
He anchors himself in God’s promises and decrees
And asks for the Spirit to work while on his knees.

When I try and look at life’s big picture,
Doug’s life has been such a faithful fixture.
His godliness touched everyone he met
For the Gospel message was his daily mindset

His care for my family puts my heart in awe,
For he truly was my spiritual Grandpa.
And I look forward to the day when we are united together
Marveling at God’s grand story in our lives forever.

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