Finished a First!

These past ten weeks I have had the privilege of leading a women’s Bible study from a book called Seasons of Waiting. I was pretty nervous at the beginning- I have never done anything like this! Yet, this was such a joy and gift to spend the time studying through God’s Word. He has great plans and purposes in each season of waiting we find ourselves in, so this poem is a short summary of the lessons we learned (still are learning). Praying it can be an encouragement to you somehow in the midst of your own unknowns.

Seasons of Waiting

Waiting weighs deeply on the heart,
Threatening to tear joy apart,
But in truth this is simply the start
Of the most beautiful art.

These are the stories that aren’t yet whole,
With unknowns that take their tolls,
The characters feel such a constant pull,
They no longer know how to fulfill their roles.

Some are waiting for the arrival of a groom,
Dreaming of white dresses and daffodil blooms,
But instead of that day arriving soon,
All they can see are clouds of gloom.

Others long to hold a little one in their arms,
To nurture, cherish, and protect from all harm,
Their home is filled with this silent but deep alarm
Will they ever sing lullabies of adventure and charm?

Some have pain that is more than a feeling,
Their body is not giving, only stealing.
Living life is no longer that appealing,
They yearn for physical healing.

Others have no place to rest,
Roaming here and there is their best.
No place to plant their roots and nest,
They are so weary of this test.

Some have such angst and fear,
For those they love most dear,
Wander, causing the most heart wrenching tears,
They hope for their lost ones to come near.

It’s hard to see the beauty in these tales,
But the Author has chapters yet to unveil,
Even if these waits feel like an invisible jail,
He has purpose written in every detail.

Delay and denial are not the same thing,
Even when countless tears burn and empty words sting,
For now we start to see the promises the Writer brings,
This is where our hearts begin to sing.

Although no two stories are the same,
We can learn to walk with each other, knowing more than just each other’s names.
Instead of becoming lost in despair and shame
We share and serve in our brokenness, how hope is truly gained.

This Scribe has many wonders to unfold,
And though He may put some dreams on hold,
Being known by Him is the purest gold,
For His story is the greatest one ever told.



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