The Wonder of Waiting

Three years ago I shared a Christmas poem. I didn’t share it with a lot of people, but I did send it to a dear man named Doug. Doug was the one who led my dad to Christ, the one that showed him he could have a personal relationship with God and be assured of heaven one day. So you see, Doug was like my spiritual grandpa. In fact, I got to have more conversations with him than my biological grandpas, and I always looked up to him.

When I sent him my poem three years ago, he sent me the sweetest email. “Thank you for the very nice heart-felt poem. You presented THE TRUTH in a beautiful way that should speak to all our hearts. For the very pleasing results of your work, I have give you the grade of A+.” Little did I know that a few months later, Doug would go to be with Jesus face to face.

I miss getting to share things with Doug, but in honor of his memory I try to write a Christmas poem each year. I spent a lot of time in Luke 1 this year, thinking of all the people and stories that intertwined in the coming of the Messiah. I hope this short piece can encourage you in this season. It’s been a joy to ponder the beauty of God’s timing, even if we have to wait more than we would like.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas,
Hannah De Cleene

The Wonder of Waiting

All is calm, all is bright,
The hope of our hearts tonight. 
But silence echoes our deepest fears, 
Is there purpose in these wandering years?

As we long for answers to our prayers,
We begin to wonder if He truly cares.

Our brothers and sisters of old knew these painful waits
Would the Father’s promises come too late?
Their fragmented stories didn’t quite fit together, 
Some questioned how much more they could weather. 

For years Zechariah and Elizabeth followed the Word 
But their dearest hope had been deferred. 
Never had they been given a child, 
Among their own they felt like exiles.

The kind and just Joseph faced an unlikely case,
His bride’s reputation would soon be disgraced.
From where would Mary receive support? 
She was given an impossible report.

When the details were just so, an angel arrived.
The promises would come to life in God’s time.
He heard every sigh and felt every heartache,
But not one of these trials were a mistake. 

In the years and years of Zechariah’s waiting
God was preparing his son to welcome their Messiah.
And when Joseph faced the most difficult decision,
God provided direction in an eye-opening vision.

Although faced with circumstantial blindness,
Elizabeth was undone by God’s kindness.
The prophecies Mary memorized of the coming Savior, 
Started to unfold as she experienced God’s favor.

They longed for answers to their prayers, 
They wondered if Yaweh truly cared.
But with every step of humble submission, 
He was answering their heartfelt petitions.

In the wonder of their waiting, they gained insight.
Their hopes and fears were met in Him that night.
The Messiah’s timing was just right. 

The Lord’s hand moved in the shadows.
Yet His attention was always there. 
His compassion would never cease
He was guiding them to His eternal peace.

In your season you may be awaiting a sign 
But never doubt in every chapter and line
God’s timing is kind, reflecting His glory.
He is weaving His goodness into your story.

In the waiting of all our years.
His care is greater than all our fears
All is calm, all is bright,
Christ is the hope of our hearts tonight.

One response to “The Wonder of Waiting”

  1. Love this Hannah! Thanks for sharing this!


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