Come What May

No one could have foreseen what this year had in store. 
We started with such hopeful anticipation,
But within a breath, we felt unstable to our very core.
Fear and anger soon outgrew our imagination. 

All is calm? All is bright? 
That is not the true of our lives this night. 

People fought for a chance to live on the outside
Disease and disunity crept into every corner and crack.
And inside, we wondered in whom we could confide 
We walked into a future that appeared pitch black. 

Life filled up with whispering dissenters,
This year would stay forever a bleak midwinter. 

But maybe these feelings aren’t so offbeat 
From that first Christmas many years ago.
Life for the Jews was anything but calm and sweet.
They hoped their King would come to end their woes.

And come He did, but not in the arrival they expected. 
Could their Messiah be born in a mere manger?
The announcement of His birth was not widely accepted.
Many dismissed their Brother as an unwanted stranger. 

Yet Herod feared this child might be the long-awaited King
Enslaved to his royal authority and control,
He pretended to celebrate the Comforter’s coming, 
But his actions showed he cared most about his own role. 

The people did not know what to think 
Of this glorious announcement from on high.
The promises on the ancient scrolls had faded ink.
Perhaps those words were for a time gone by. 

The religious leaders had every rabbinical credential 
And convinced others this child was not worth the fuss. 
This story had no royal potential.
The King of Kings born in a stable? Absolutely treacherous. 

Yet there were a few who believed. 
Mary and the shepherds received the good news, 
Though the details were not ones they imagined or conceived
Their fear soon melted and great joy grew. 

The wisemen let nothing stand in their way.
They followed the bright start to the feet of the Savior 
They gave the child their complete devotion, come what may 
They cared more to worship the Messiah than earn Herod’s favor. 

They knew the Son of God was love’s pure light, 
That’s why they celebrated that first silent night. 

Even in our day, we have a choice.
We can try to grasp some power and control, 
Always searching for rest in manmade roles.
We can study and fill our heads with deep insight, 
Making sure each response is just right,
But even so, our souls search for something more … 

Fear not, for Christmas brings tidings of comfort and joy, 
For God knew we could never be the answer. 
Sin has spread far and wide, the world’s incurable cancer.
But a thrill of hope arrived with the birth of this precious boy. 

He grew and lived a perfect, sinless life,
Extending truth and grace to everyone in His path. 
With His death, He satisfied the Father’s wrath,
And as He rose again, He silenced mankind’s eternal strife. 

For the night of this dear Savior’s birth,
Is when our souls felt their worth,
Even in our unknown future, come what may,
Those who trust in Him have hope for each and every day.

One response to “Come What May”

  1. This is wonderful, Hannah! Love the message and the way you wove Christmas carols “phrasing” into it. It flows beautifully. I’m just now getting a chance to regroup after all the Christmas comings and goings. Hope your time has been wonderful!


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