Part 1: Prophecy

The Author had each chapter lined out
Before the time sin entered the land.
When the created challenged the Creator’s command,
Then came the fruit of their doubt:
Banned by the curse from His presence
Their bond became severed.
But with it came the promise of a Man,
And a root of hope began.

But the timing, the timing always seemed late,
So many felt the strain of this wait.
The more I look,
The less I understand
Is this really what He had planned?

When the rain came, all seemed lost.
Yet two by two, Noah protected life,
From tiny creepy things to the lion of the land,
He secured his children and his wife.
But the folly of the curse had not been washed away,
His line continued to struggle and stray.

Abraham followed an unthinkable call,
Walking into the unknown.
He sometimes thought he’d run out of time,
But long-awaited Isaac continued the family line.

Jacob mastered the art of deceiving,
But suffered heartache at his son’s leaving,
Despite the brothers’ betrayal,
Joseph’s journey showed God’s grace interweaving.

I stare at the inner workings of their winding course:
How would I have fared in their trials?
Would fear and folly accompany me for miles
While assuming my plan should be the driving force?

Still, none of these forefathers could prevent
The extent of the curse’s descent.

As the years passed,
They grew to a mighty nation,
But in Egypt they faced subjugation.
Would Yahweh forget to send the Deliverer?

When Moses arrived on the scene
Unspeakable wonders began.
The details sound like a fictitious dream.
Could this be the One and Only Man?
He broke the burden of their slavery
But eventually, he too failed the test.
And by God’s hand, he was laid to rest
Outside the promised land.

Now in the land flowing with milk and honey
Would the people joyfully obey?
Sadly over time,
The words of God’s prophets and judges
Became a distant murmur.
Without ears to listen
And hearts to follow,
Life was sorrow upon sorrow.

Then came the demand for a king.
He would make peace and prosperity ring.
First Saul, then David, then Solomon,
But one by one they fell.
How could anyone tell
When this Liberator would arrive?
Misled and misguided by their own desires
Men fell into a disobedient, enslaving mire.
Where was this Lion of Judah,
The Consolation of Israel who promised to redeem His own?
Instead, He left them alone.

For 400 years.
Why did He keep silent for so long?
His response seems altogether wrong.

Then something started to unfold.
A girl of no consequence
Was given the news prophets foretold.
The Savior was to be born at last,
But in the most unlikely of circumstance.

He would not be among princes and gold,
But in a stable, as the shepherds were told.
The time, the time had finally arrived
Hope for mankind had now revived.
Everything would be just fine.
Wouldn’t it?

But as I consider the ins and outs of this mystery,
I overlook a prickly, unwelcomed thread.
The story is full of people—
People like you and me,
Who have a history
Of caring most about one thing: self.
Selfish, cynical, controlling, craving our own glory,
If people would not accept the prophets and judges,
Why would they believe Immanuel’s story?

If my unbelieving heart is no different than theirs,
Jesus’ arrival would not be easy to bear.
Only those who admit their need
Will welcome Adam’s long-awaited seed.

Video by Salylorville Church: Good Friday – Prophecy

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